January Newsletter

Street Angels Wilmington Newsletter

January 2018

Greetings from Ron Anderson, Director of Street Angels Ministry. The time is now and it is exciting to see months of preparation and prayer come to fruition. The Street Angels training curriculum class for ministry certification begins January 14th and it will continue for six consecutive weeks. The class is for anyone who wants to step into a greater dimension of Christian life, to “do the work of an evangelist,” II Tim.4:3. It is a preparation for ministering on the streets of our city.

It is held at Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church from 8:45 to 9:45. Street Angels director Ron Anderson will instruct this interactive class. Boot camp classes will be scheduled with the dates TBA for anyone missing a class or unable to attend the six week class. Some of the class objectives are to be more aware of Christ in us with the power of the Holy Spirit, activate the authority of Christ in us and simple ways to minister to different types of people. Ron designed a tool called “Awesome Street” Ministry which demonstrates by role playing ways to build confidence to what is learned in class to take it to the streets of Wilmington.

This course will include instruction from a few people who currently minister on the street to team-teach. We will also have a short lesson in simple first aid, as well as conflict avoidance and power evangelism. This class is designed for Christians to have a new perspective in understanding their value to God and their call to the field, which is white for harvest. This class gives emphasis to changing Christian view of ourselves with emphasis to listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We will learn to do the works of healing, speak the prophetic and love people into the Kingdom of God.

Love and Blessings,

Ron Anderson

Director for Street Angels USA

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